Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Working today!

Hey I am at work today for a few hours this morning. It was kind of weird to get in the car and drive after being holed up in my house for 12 days. I will head home after work and probably take a nap this afternoon. I am making Natalie's homecoming "theme" dress this year as she could not find anything in the store. It is a cute little purple sparkly sequin dress for the "space" theme this year. I have a sample dress made to check the fit and hopefuly I can get the pattern layed out today and maybe cut tonight. I know what you are all thinking??? What the heck??? It is an easy project and will look so cute when it is done. I am up for it, I need to do something, can't be sitting around waiting for my ass to get bigger during all of this recovery. LOL

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