Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just another day

I am back at work today for a few hours. I got scolded for working (and driving) by my daughter, Natalie, yesterday when she found out. LOL It is nice to know she is concerned. I am feeling really good today, so I am planning on going to Natalie's swim meet tonight. It is the conference relay meet and usually a fun time for the girls. I hardly EVER miss one of my kids sporting events so I am feeling a bit guilty for not being there to cheer her on for the past 2 meets. Enjoy the beatutiful weather for those of you in Wisconsin.

Tommorrow is my outpatient surgery scheduled for around 8:30 a.m. Please send good thoughts that this goes well. I have the utmost confidence in my plastic surgeon. I am hoping this is the last surgery for me for awhile.


Jessica Turner said...

we are praying for you! xoxo

Cathy said...

Good luck tomorrow Gail! I will be thinking of you and waiting for an update. Hoping you can get a more manageable form of anesthesia! Talk to you soon.

Kim said...

Way to go Gail! You are such a fighter! I will be praying for you tomorrow for another good outcome! Keep on writing!
Love ya,