Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today is my baby's birthday. He is now 14 and taller than me. His voice is low and he has to shave once a week. He loves girls and sports! I remember how happy John was when he was born that he was a boy!! His actions as a newborn and young child definitely proved to us what he would be like as a teenager. He cried, he never slept, he was cranky, he was stubborn, he had major temper tantrums,he was difficult. LOL As a teenager he has changed somewhat. He is still stubborn (damn stubborn) but does not have temper tantrums, he is still cranky, but he does sleep. He is still difficult but is the most kind hearted boy!!!! He was my child that would always ask me when I was not feeling well "are you okay mommy" and climb up in my lap to sit with me.
He is the humor in our house and the reason we have gray hair. He was the reason that John started drinking coffee in the mornings. We could not function as we never slept when he was young. He was the one who texted me in the hospital and asked me how I was after surgery last Friday. Happy Birthday Billy! I love you with all my heart!

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