Saturday, September 27, 2008


I haven't cried since the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Until last night. My sweet niece, Melissa, gave me this beautiful silver necklace with the word "fearless" on it. When I stop and think about it I guess maybe I am fearless. I have taken this disease, plunged head first into it, and have taken charge when I can. Obviously, I can't take charge of everything, but I do have some power over how cancer affects me mentally. I have to be fearless because if I'm not that means that cancer will win, and that won't happen. This little necklace will remain around my neck until the last day of treatment as a reminder that someone has the belief in me that I am fearless and as a reminder to myself to stay strong no matter what happens along the way. I love you Melly, and thank you!!

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Cathy said...

That is so sweet, Gail. You are fearless in my book as well.

Love you,