Friday, December 12, 2008

Just a typical Friday!

Woke up this morning tired. Probably because I woke up in the middle of the night for 2 hours, maybe from the steroid. I am not sure. Grabbed my morning coffee and was feeling a bit of a headache. Downed two ibuprofen and my anti nausea meds and got ready for work. I am running late today. Thank goodness the hair only takes about 30 seconds to get it in order. LOLOL Daughter comes down "look at my eyes" Looks like pink eye to me. Darn! I search thru the medicines thinking I have some eye drops from before. Of course I can not find then. Off to school she goes. Head to work(get there at 9:15) and get a call at 10:30, son is in the nurses room not feeling well. Head back home, pick him up from school, drop him at home (he heads to bed with a bad migraine) Hop back in the car, get a call from the daugher "my eyes are worse, the school nurse says it's pink eye" Ok, bring yourself home I say. Now at 3:00 I am headed to the clinic with her for some eye drops. I am now back at work with my stomach in my throat not because I am nauseaus but because the husband decides that he is going to go on top of our strip mall roof and get the ice out of the gutters. I am always so nervous when he is up there that he will slip and fall and then who will make my morning coffee!!!! I think I need a nap! TGIF!

Thursday, December 11, 2008



Today was my chemotherapy with the new drug Adriamycin/Cytoxan. I arrived at the hospital at 8:15 for blood work and headed up to the cardiac department for the echocardiogram. I was taken in at 9:10 and was out of there within 45 minutes. (the echocardiogram had to be done before they would give me the Adriamycin. They wanted to make sure my heart was okay before proceeding and to get a baseline test in case I developed problems from the drug down the road). I also had an appointment with the nurse at the Breast Care Center, why I am not sure because I sat there for almost 2 hours before they had the results of the echo. I was pissed off that I had to wait that long for results of a test. I can't believe they couldn't get a doc to take a look at the study when they knew I was waiting for treatment. Finally at 12 noon I went to the day hospital for the infusion. I had a great nurse, Abbie, who remembered me from the time I had a reaction the first time. She had helped with my care that time. She hooked me up to my premeds which consisted of Zofran for nausea and a steroid. That took about 15 minutes. What is different with Adriamycin is it has to be hand injected by a nurse. She had two 50 mL syringes filled with a nice red liquid that she hand injected over 15 minutes. Adriamycin is very hard on the veins, so she was really careful about making sure the line was open as she injected. She frequently checked to make sure she could get a blood return. Over and done with that! On to the Cytoxan which is in a bag. That took an hour. Flush and done!!!!!!! NO REACTION!!!!!!
Now that is progress!!!!!!!!!! I sat in my nice lounge chair in the sun with a nice view of the pond and read my book the entire time. It sounds just like a spa doesn't it!!!???? NOT!!!
I will wait and see how the side effects hit me this weekend. But for now, I am soooo glad that I finally made it through a treatment.
Tonight... I am planning on going out to dinner with my book club ladies.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Vote today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WMXY radio station has a Christmas Choir competition that our high school choir participates in. Today is the voting for the 2nd round, bracket 2 for Brookfield Central High School. Go to the link above and vote!!!!! They are awesome!!!!!! You must vote today for the round today and stayed tuned every day as they make their way up the ladder. I expect to see them in the final round to win!!!!!! You need to register to vote but it only takes a few minutes. Thanks!!!!
The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have.

~quote from the Susan Komen message boards~

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Things that make me smile!

~Jergens Natural Face glow lotion-My friend Linda gave this to me early on in my treatment for those days when I just looked crappy. LOL I use it every day( I must look crappy every day hahaha). It has a nice smell to it, and I think it actually puts some color in my face.
~Mederma-scar lotion. SIL Debbie swears by this stuff. I have been using it on my numerous scars from lymph node removal and drain sites. The scars are actually looking a little less noticeable.
~The smell of coffee first thing in the morning! I just absolutely love the smell in the house when I wake up. (John is the official coffee maker in the morning because I can't get up that early).
~The smell of a fresh Christmas tree. We can smell the Christmas tree throughout our house this year. I have never had a tree that smelled this good!
~My cat. They are the strangest pets in all the world. Ours just happens to be crazy. She is like a lightning bolt through the house for no apparent reason sometimes.
~Lunch dates and shopping at TJ Maxx. What more could a woman want.
~My bed. I love to sleep!
~A sunny day in the dead of winter. It makes the snow a little more tolerable.
~Crystal Light packets. I am not a huge water drinker. During chemo and after treatments water is essential in getting rid of the chemo drugs and keeping the body well hydrated. I am now able to drink lots of water with the help of these little packets. My favorites are Cherry Pomegranite, Raspberry Ice and Raspberry Lemonade.