Sunday, December 7, 2008

Things that make me smile!

~Jergens Natural Face glow lotion-My friend Linda gave this to me early on in my treatment for those days when I just looked crappy. LOL I use it every day( I must look crappy every day hahaha). It has a nice smell to it, and I think it actually puts some color in my face.
~Mederma-scar lotion. SIL Debbie swears by this stuff. I have been using it on my numerous scars from lymph node removal and drain sites. The scars are actually looking a little less noticeable.
~The smell of coffee first thing in the morning! I just absolutely love the smell in the house when I wake up. (John is the official coffee maker in the morning because I can't get up that early).
~The smell of a fresh Christmas tree. We can smell the Christmas tree throughout our house this year. I have never had a tree that smelled this good!
~My cat. They are the strangest pets in all the world. Ours just happens to be crazy. She is like a lightning bolt through the house for no apparent reason sometimes.
~Lunch dates and shopping at TJ Maxx. What more could a woman want.
~My bed. I love to sleep!
~A sunny day in the dead of winter. It makes the snow a little more tolerable.
~Crystal Light packets. I am not a huge water drinker. During chemo and after treatments water is essential in getting rid of the chemo drugs and keeping the body well hydrated. I am now able to drink lots of water with the help of these little packets. My favorites are Cherry Pomegranite, Raspberry Ice and Raspberry Lemonade.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Snow Day! Just read your latest entry and what a great attitude you have Gail. Sat in church on Sunday and thought of you as the priest gave the sermon. Talked about how we have to have hope to live a full and meaningful life. Here is to hope and all the simple pleasures you listed!
Take care.