Friday, December 12, 2008

Just a typical Friday!

Woke up this morning tired. Probably because I woke up in the middle of the night for 2 hours, maybe from the steroid. I am not sure. Grabbed my morning coffee and was feeling a bit of a headache. Downed two ibuprofen and my anti nausea meds and got ready for work. I am running late today. Thank goodness the hair only takes about 30 seconds to get it in order. LOLOL Daughter comes down "look at my eyes" Looks like pink eye to me. Darn! I search thru the medicines thinking I have some eye drops from before. Of course I can not find then. Off to school she goes. Head to work(get there at 9:15) and get a call at 10:30, son is in the nurses room not feeling well. Head back home, pick him up from school, drop him at home (he heads to bed with a bad migraine) Hop back in the car, get a call from the daugher "my eyes are worse, the school nurse says it's pink eye" Ok, bring yourself home I say. Now at 3:00 I am headed to the clinic with her for some eye drops. I am now back at work with my stomach in my throat not because I am nauseaus but because the husband decides that he is going to go on top of our strip mall roof and get the ice out of the gutters. I am always so nervous when he is up there that he will slip and fall and then who will make my morning coffee!!!! I think I need a nap! TGIF!

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