Sunday, January 18, 2009

Post chemo update

I hated being nauseous when I was pregnant,and I really was not even that sick. Well, chemo nauseau is worse! Even with the two meds my doc prescribed I have been sickish since Friday. I have another prescription for something else which I may try. I am feeling a bit better today. Yesterday I actually did nothing. I mean nothing. It was an effort to get myself dressed and moved to a chair. Besides the icky feeling in my stomach and the horrible taste in my mouth I am freezing cold, and then I am burning hot. Yes, the hot flashes have begun! Ughhhhh!

My beauty routine is getting easier by the day. I now have half of my eyelashes so putting mascara on the few eyelashes I have takes no time at all. Waaaaaaaaa! It really is quite ridiculous looking! I will continue to put mascara on my eyelashes even if I only have 3 left. LOL John said he didn't even notice. Welll... that's a man for you. They never notice anything.

Happy Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Gail, I have been thinking about you, and wondering how you were doing? I am sorry you are not feeling well. It does stink, but remember all you have been through to get this chemo in you. Try just eating the BRAT diet, banannas, toast, applesauce, and toast(plain). I did that, and even though I didn't feel like eating it was something, and I made it through all my treatments. Hang in there! You are in my prayers! Connie

Anonymous said...


As always, I am thinking about you. I did not call because I did not think you would be feeling that great so I thought I would let you rest. I hope you continue to feel a little bit better each day. Don't sweat doing nothing. With all you have been through, a few days of doing nothing is in order I think. OK, so doing nothing means you feel like crap, sorry about that. I will be in touch again very soon.

Sara said...

Gail, Sorry to hear about the nausea. Keep taking the meds and rest. I had a few days that I stayed home from work feeling crappy. I can also relate about the eyelashes. I was determined to put on mascara on everyone of those suckers that stuck around. lol

Talk to you soon. Sara

steven said...


My sister has been keeping me informed about your situation. I think about you often and pray that you continue to have the courage and strength to face each day as a blessing. I know that sometimes that is hard but please remember that it is always a BEAUTIFUL day for smiling. I have found that it helps alot.

Steve G.