Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I am excited! (and feeling good btw!) One of my New Years resolutions was to go on a a family vacation this year. With my health crisis, I strongly feel that a family vacation is in order. Natalie will be off to college in a few years and life is too short not to enjoy! (these were the arguments I used on the husband hahaha He finally caved in and sees my point I think) Despite the crappy economy and our medical bills, we are headed to Arizona for spring break. I have not been to Arizona in years and loved it when we were there last on a golfing vacation. I am using my medical transcription fund to get us there. And... I got a REALLY good deal on airfare!! I have been watching air fares for a few months, go up, go down, go up, go down. If you don't check them every day you may be missing out! In a matter of a few hours the price of a ticket ( went from $316 to $244 back up to $308 and even flight times disappeared and reappeared. I just happened to be checking AGAIN when I saw the $244 price and jumped on it(and that is for a nonstop flight, taxes included). I found a house ( in Cave Creek outside of Phoenix that looks great and perfect for our needs. Our needs being something with an inground pool(girls request), a decent TV( boys request), 3 bedrooms (kids hate to share) and out of the city (a must!) We aren't that picky. LOL It is something to look forward to help me get through this dreary January!

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Of course a family vacation is in order. I highly recommend seeing the Grand Canyon. Kirt and I can't wait to go back and see it again. So very glad you are feeling better!!! Nothing like searching for air fairs to perk one up. Hope tomorrow finds you feeling even more perky.