Saturday, October 18, 2008

Road Trip to Oshkosh

Today I had the pleasure of meeting up with some other Wisconsin breast cancer survivors from the Susan Komen message boards. Sara and I drove up to Oshkosh to meet Barb and Laura and had lunch at Fratellos Waterfront Restaurant. Our stories are all different, our treatments are all different. Some of us are starting treatment,out of treatment,ending treatment, yet we all know exactly how each other feels. Thank you ladies for sharing your stories and experiences! I look forward to our next get together.

I was also the lucky recipient of a pink basket today. There is a woman on the Komen message boards who is a BC survivor who pays it forward and makes Baskets for Breast Cancer and sends them out to other women with breast cancer. Sara nominated Laura and I to receive one of her baskets filled with comfort items and goodies. It was quite a surprise! Thank you Sara for nominating me and thank you Chris for your thoughtful and touching gift! Barb also surprised us with cute pink bracelets with a pink ribbon charm on them. Thank you Barb!

After spending the day in Oshkosh we headed home as I needed to get back for the Homecoming pictures. Here is a photo of Natalie and Katie with their cute dresses on.


debbei said...

I'm sure they were the hottest babes at homecoming! the dress looks great Gail...glad you had fun in Oshkosh love Deddie

Cathy said...

Laura sends her compliments to the seamstress! "I didn't know she was so talented," she said. Hey, you're making the rest of us Moms look bad. LOL.