Friday, October 17, 2008


I am always glad when the week ends and the weekend is here. That means sleeping in! (and I do love to sleep). John has the day off and is going deer hunting (his duck hunting trip had to be cancelled due to his brother's work obligations. I was disappointed as I like it when he leaves for a week). I am in the office all day. I am STILL working on the girl's dresses. I had to make some slight alterations (these girls are fussy :)) with the straps and hems. They will be done by tommorrow.

12 days until chemo. I am picking up my premeds today. I have three anti-nausea meds all taken at different times;Zofran, Ativan and Compazine. I hope they work. I also have to take a steroid (Dexamethasone) the day before and the day after chemo to prevent fluid retention (and we certainly don't want that).

Tommorrow..... a road trip to Oshkosh!

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Jessica said...

i took zofran when i was pregnant - it worked for me