Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just a typical Sunday afternoon!!!

I am in the home stretch for the Homecoming dresses (with only 6 days to go!). Yahooo! I just have some minor adjustments to make on both dresses which will only take a few hours and they are done!!!

Next on the list is finishing my book club book which needs to get done by Tuesday.

Another absolutely beautiful day in Wisconsin. I think it may have hit 80 degrees here! Hope everyone is enjoying the last day of the weekend.

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Cristl said...

HI Gail,

Wow... I just stumbled on your blog. I believe we emailed a couple of times. I had my bi-lateral mastectomy on Sept 16th. I thought I had DCIS and no invasive but the pathology came back with a very small invasive tumor so now they are recommending chemo. Anyway, I am freaked out! I hadn't thought of chemo since they believed it was DCIS. Anyway, I am also HER2+ which means I need to take Herceptin. Well, reading your blog I must say you are one heck of a lady. My attitude definately needs some adjustment and I am really trying but can't seem to get there. You are an inspiration. Email me if you have time.