Sunday, October 19, 2008

This and That

Things on the to-do list:
1. Clean up the horrible mess from sewing for the last several weeks. Threads, pins, patterns, fabric everywhere.
2. Wash. Why must they try something on and then throw it in the wash? Don't they know I just fold it and put it right back in the basket. LOL
3. Make a trip to JoAnnes and get fabric for some scarves and hats for my soon to be bald head. :( (can you tell I am dreading this?)
4. Vacuum the mounds of dog hair in the house.
5. Get book club book.
6. Take a nap!!!! (I am tired today)
7. Download Homecoming photos and order.
8. Pick up prescriptions as I never got there the other day.
9. Buy cat food. Why are cats so damn finicky? She eats the food one day and then turns her nose up at me the next day as if to say "You've got to be kidding. You expect me to eat THAT." Believe me, I have tried every cat food out there. She can eat the dried stuff if she is going to be that fussy. I am not running a restaurant here. LOL

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