Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sports Day

Well, today marks the end of my son's career as a junior football player. Next year he will start high school. He mentioned to me in the car last night that he is really "bummed" that football is over. Thankfully he did not have any major injuries this year. I fear for his life when he plays! LOL He is not a very big kid. My husband says "thank god he is fast" (meaning he can run from these big boys) Over the past years he has had so much fun despite the fact that they have won very few games. Hitting, kicking, being stepped on, thrown to the ground, pancaked to the ground, hit in the ribs, hit in the back, abrasions, cuts, black and blue marks, ankle pain, leg pain, back pain, pushing. Why does he love this sport so much? I am not really sure. I guess only a football player can answer that. I am headed to the last game of the season this morning. (my husband will be jumping for joy that his football coaching career is over. Not that he hasn't enjoyed it, but it has taken so much of his free time over the past several years, he is ready to retire). Unfortunately, the team has not won a game this season, lets cross our fingers and hope for the best (actually we need to pray that they win. hahaha)

Another huge part of our family is the swimming pool. Over the past 9 years we have endured hundreds of hours sitting in a 90 degree sauna,sweating,waiting for our daughter to swim in a race. Let me paint a picture for you. Warm ups at 7:00 am, meet starts at 8:00 am, daughter's first race is at 10:00. She is in the water for approximately 26 seconds for a 50 freestyle. Wait another hour for her to swim. Then there are relays. Meet ends at 12:30. You get the picture. She is in high school swimming right now, so thankfully the meets are short, only about 2 hours. Today is a relay only meet held at the pool where she is a club swimmer. It is a fun meet for the girls. We are headed there this afternoon.

Enjoy your Saturday!

ps I was getting tired of the old look of my blog, so I needed to change it. Hope you like it!

5 days until chemo starts!

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Anonymous said...

HI Gail we love the new look...watching the happenings in Nashville...xoxox Debbie, Jessica and Matthew