Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Scar Project/Photos

Below is a link that is posted on the Komen message boards. It a black and white photo shoot of women who have survived breast cancer. There are no words to even describe the feeling that this photo shoot portrays. I found them to be beautiful!

**If you are sensitive to nude photos or do not want to see images of scars and breastless women this may not be the post for you to view.



Netherfieldmom said...

Wow--After looking at those, I am glad I had the expanders put in. Although I have always said "they" didn't define who I am, at all, I feel really glad that I have a GREAT plastic surgeon and "they" are a large part of what "makes" us women. It's a cultural thing, I know, but having three daughters, I think it is important for me to look as normal as possible and to desire to look nice, for them. Does that make sense?

Gail said...

Absolutely makes sense to me. I knew that going breastless was not for me either. Thank goodness reconstruction is an option, it made giving them up that much easier.