Thursday, October 23, 2008


For those of you who know me, my hair is sacred. I never leave the house until it has been shampooed, dried, gelled and sprayed. This whole losing my hair thing is going to be pretty traumatic for me. I am envisioning a major melt down when it happens. I intend to shave me head when it starts to happen. Everyone has told me "shave it so you are taking control, don't let it take control of you." Ok, well we will see if that strategy works. I don't envision myself as being a beautiful bald woman, and I doubt that most you will ever see me bald. I am not just not that kind of person. I may eat my words, but that is the feeling that I have right now. I have been putting it off and dreading the wig shopping, but I did go yesterday and meet with Lisa in Menomonee Falls for a "wig consultation." She works out of Froedert Hospital and the Small Stones shop and also has a salon in the Falls on Main Street near our business, so I ran over there during my lunch hour to meet with her.
I only tried on 3 wigs! She has been a hair stylist for over 20 years and being a 10-year breast cancer survivor herself has gotten into the wig portion of styling. I would highly recommend her. She was very sweet and knows her stuff. I thought it was going to be difficult, but I really did not have too much trouble finding something that I liked. She is going to order the wig in the right color (trying to match my hair color as much as possible). I will see her next week for a "fitting." It was pretty weird trying on hair! I have worn the same style for several years, and it was just really strange to see me in a different hair style and different colors. That being said, I won't tell you what it looks like, but you may be surprised!!!! LOLOL Living on the edge, why not???? Change is good!!


Anonymous said...

Good for you Gail. I'm sure we'll get together again and maybe we'll just do a wig wearing lunch together.

Anonymous said...

Gail, you will look beautiful and ANY hair. I think you should do the black and white style you have included here! MJ