Monday, October 6, 2008


Typically I hate Mondays!!!!! But this particular Monday I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am now officially drain free and feeling like a new woman!!

Today, I met with Ann, the oncology nurse, who went over the nitty gritty about chemotherapy drugs and what to expect. My first chemo treatment will be October 29th.

The new Cancer Center is beautiful inside. There is a huge amount of glass in the building overlooking the Froedert grounds. It is very nice! They have nice sitting areas, a nice little restaurant with organic food, and they even have their own separate lab facility. I was quite impressed.

I am trying to get back into my medical transcription work, slowly but surely. I have been doing a little each day. I have a wonderful boss who basically said I can work whenever. She has been so wonderful with all the days I have had to take off lately. Next week John is on his hunting trip, so I will be back to work full time, I think. I will admit, I am enjoying not having to go in to the office every day. Napping has been nice! I can nap at my desk at work, so that may be an option for me. LOL

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