Friday, October 10, 2008

4 Weeks Post Op Surgery

Today is my 4-week post op anniversary! Surgery was what I considered my biggest hurdle in all of this craziness. Next hurdle is the chemotherapy treatments.

I post and lurk on the Susan G. Komen website message boards and one of the questions that comes up quite frequently is "when do you consider yourself a breast cancer survivor?" Is it the day you are diagnosed? the day your cancer is removed? or the day you are done with treatments?
For me, I would consider myself a survivor the day of my surgery. My cancer was removed, I had no lymph node involvement and I now am taking precautionary measures with chemotherapy. I am a survivor! I am returning to what is now my "normal" routine. I have a few weeks before chemotherapy and then I will have another routine to get used to. For now I am enjoying these several weeks of normalcy.

I decided not to go to the wig place I was going to check out. I have already heard 2 bad reviews of the place so I already have an opinion formed before even going there. I HAVE made an appointment at another wig salon in two weeks. I actually found this place through the Small Stones store at Froedert hospital. The owner herself is a breast cancer survivor and has a store in Menomonee Falls. I talked with her on the phone and met her business partner at the hospital the other day. I liked both of them, so I am going to go and visit them in two weeks. Redhead? Blonde? Hmmmm,,,,,, I may surprise you!! LOL

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I am so happy the fundraiser was such a success! However, we were really bummed we didn't get Natalie's blanket. I guess we needed to stay around longer.