Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Busy Day!

I have the day off from work, and I need to take advantage of that so I have several things I need to do today.

1. Grocery store.

2. Buy the book "Churched" My niece's husband is a Christian author and has just released a new book. It is already #687 on the Amazon list. (Congrats Matthew!!!). Check it out on Matthew has written quite a few books, and according to my niece Jessica this is THE one you want to read. (to get to his blog, check out the link on the side of my page).

Here is a brief description of the book:

Churched: One Kid's Journey Toward God Despite A Holy Mess

He spent his childhood trapped within the confines of countless bizarre, strict rules. And lived to tell about it.

In this first-hand account, author Matthew Paul Turner shares amusing–sometimes cringe-worthy–and poignant stories about growing up in a fundamentalist household, where even well-intentioned contemporary Christian music was proclaimed to be “of the devil.”

3. Homecoming dress. The dress sewing is a bit frustrating. I think I have the right size now. Because of Natalie's broad shoulders from swimming and the skinniness of the rest of her body, we have had a bit of a time getting the dress to fit right. I am going to baste the whole thing together today, cross my fingers and hope it fits when she tries it on next. It has to be done by next weekend!!! AHHHHHH!! I am surprising Natalie's best friend KT and making one for her also (shhhhhh, she doesn't know it, and Lisa you can't be mad at me, KT is like my second daughter. LOL). Her dress is all cut out and the top basted together. I will work on that today as well. I will surprise her this week when she comes over! I need to have her try it on as well, as her and Natalie are a bit different in size. Call me crazy, I know. The girls are dressing in theme and both wanted these sequin dresses. What can I say??? It's a mom thing. They will look adorable.

4. Wig shopping. Uggghhhhh! Need I say more? This is not exactly what I would like to do, but I guess it needs to be done. I actually have 3 places that were recommended to me, and I would like to check this place out to find the right place to go. I am just going to stop in and and get a feel for the place before I start looking. I have heard some mixed reviews about this particular store, so I am stopping in today to see what I think about it.

5. Catch up on the Young and the Restless. No explanation needed.

6. Read. I need to get my book club book done by next week. It will be a scramble to get it done. I can't seem to stay awake while reading. I am not sure if the book is boring or I am just too tired to read. :)

7. Vaccum the lower level. Dog hair everywhere! It drives me crazy!

8. Cook? hahaha I have not made a meal since my surgery. Today is the first day we have no meals coming in (ok, I don't want you all showing up at my door with a meal today feeling sorry for us LOLOL). I actually have burgers on the grill planned. I think I can handle that.

Time to get moving!!! Enjoy your day!!


The Barnes Crew said...

Hello! We don't know each other but I stumbled upon your blog trough a series of steps! :) I have been following your path and praying for you each step of the way. I do find that it seems to be a bit of a small world as my hubby & his family are from the Milwaukee area (we live in Missourti) and my sis-in-law (lives in Watertown) and has also been down the breast cancer path. I was wondering if you mind if I list you as a blog I follow...this way I can get my friend's and family praying for you too?

I hope you could follow my ramblings!?! :) LOL

Have a great day and prayers & luck too you!

Gail said...

Hi Sherri! Glad you found my blog, however you got here. :)
You most certainly can add me to your blog list that you follow. Thank you for your prayers! It is a small world that you have family here in Wisconsin and your SIL has been down the same path as me. I hope she is doing well!

Gail said...
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Gail said...
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tammy kloehn said...

Hope your wig shopping went well. I know all too well which place you are talking about. My experience wasn't great there. I was glad I took a friend to help. Did you call Jenny at all?


Gail said...

Hey Tammy! I actually never made it to the wig place. I just had so much to do around the house today it just did not happen. And no, I did not call Jenny yet. Hope all is well with you!!!!!