Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Book Club Night

Did I tell you I love my book club ladies? Well I do, and I hardly ever miss a monthly meeting with them. (We missed you Margaret!)These ladies have been a great support to me during my treatment and I love them dearly. We actually do talk about the books we read (I know you are wondering that)and usually very seriously. But the best part of the evening (well, at least I think it is the best part of the evening) is the "social hour" with good food, wine and fun conversation, catching up on each other's lives in the past month. Some of these ladies I only see on a monthly basis so the conversation usually never ends when we get together. I was feeling well enough to venture out and showed up at Linda's with a bottle of champagne to celebrate my chemo graduation. My friend Linda has her own little cooking business (she makes enchiladas) so tonight we feasted on her black bean and spinach enchiladas and for dessert we had a great fruit tart with champagne. I was out way too late last night and am feeling a little tired this morning. Linda and I HAD to see the next episode of The Housewives of Orange County, so I stayed after the group left and watched it with her. If you haven't seen this show you must tune in sometime. It is quite entertaining!

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