Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another New Layout

I know, I know, you are probably saying "she changed her layout AGAIN!"
Maybe it is the weather or something (having a heatwave here in WI) or maybe a new chapter in my life now that toxic drugs are over with, but I felt the need to change the layout. The other one looked "dark" and my dark days are over.
The weather has been absolutely gorgeous out! Well, gorgeous for Wisconsin in February. We had a high of about 50 yesterday and today it should reach 40 degrees. Now when the weather turns that warm in February people come out hibernation here! Honestly, people we haven't seen all winter are out and about in the neighborhood. One of our neighbors had his motorcycle out! I have been feeling a little queasy but managed to get out for a walk again. The fresh air felt great and I didn't even have a winter coat on. Almost all of our snow has melted. Is spring here? Nahhh, just a little teasing to make us forget how we hate living in Wisconsin at this time of the year! Enjoy the weekend!!!!

I have to tell you this funny stuff that is going on in the house. John is getting pretty pumped for the arrival of his new hunting partner,Roxy. He bought a set of videos off the internet about dog handing,training, retrieval,etc. Along with the video came a huge binder of reading information also. He vows this dog will be trained "the right way" Don't get me wrong Sunny was a great hunter, she just didn't listen unless she wanted to. LOL She should have been a little more disciplined. Along with the videos he came home with a huge bottle of Nature's Miracle (the spray that is supposed to get rid of urine smell) and two little canvas dummies for training purposes. And so at night we are being subjected to these training videos which are so incredibly boring that both John and I fell asleep last night watching them. The woman who is the host of the video is about 80 years old and has the most boring voice. Little did he know the video was made in 1995. Oh well, I am sure that the information is still useful. Natalie just shakes her head and laughs!


Netherfieldmom said...

Luuuuuuuuuv your new banner--so pretty! It's warm here too. I can't wait to see your new puppy.

Anonymous said...

Its so interesting that you changed your background. When I was going through the journey, I did collages, and found that they started out dark also, and then they got prettier, and bright! Its amazing to feel ALIVE and FREE again!

I like your new background, it looks yummy. I have to head to Chicago at 5:45am tomorrow. UGH! Have a great week! Connie

Sherlock Homes said...

I love the warm and toasty feeling of this....a reflection of your inner woman :-)

Anonymous said...


I knew eventually you would incorporate coffee into you blog. I like it. I also can't wait to see your new puppy. Maybe our puppies can have a play date. We have not finalized a name yet, but have narrowed it down a bit. She is cuddly and funny and lots of work. Potty training is almost complete in just a few days. She is very smart. She just does not want to sleep at night. This is a fun one.