Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dinner with my Sisters

Last night I met up with my "sisters" Connie and Sara. While we have emailed, texted and chatted on the phone lately we hadn't found the time to get together for dinner. It was nice to talk in person as well as eating yummy food. This was my first time to Stir Crazy. We opted to order off the menu instead of having our food woked by the chefs. We all decided we wanted to be waited on for dinner instead of having to make our own food. Connie and I ordered the Almond Crusted Curry Chicken and Sara had a Beef Double Noodle Bowl. We also shared an order of potstickers. The food was great, although the chicken was a little spicy which didn't help us out with all of our hot flashes during the night. Imagine sitting at a table with 3 ladies who are asking "is it hot in here or is it because of the flaming woks that is seems hot in here?" LOL It must have been the flaming woks! It was great to see these ladies as they have given me much support during my journey! They are both lucky enough to be able to say "been there, done that" and I am closely following in their shoes.

A few people have asked me which puppy is ours in the puppy photos or how do we know which one will be ours. There is an actual science to puppy picking. We don't actually know until the day we go to pick our puppy (Roxey) up which one will be ours. We have 5th pick of the 6 female pups. By the time we get to the breeders only 2 will be left and we are able to pick from those 2 pups which one we would like. Doug and Pattie Kennedy are pretty well known for there puppies and most of them are spoken for before the pups are born and sometimes even before they are bred.
This is a great time to get a puppy as she will be able to hunt this fall already, which is why John was glad we at least had our name in for a puppy from this litter. Thankfully she had enough pups for us to get one. It is kind of ironic as this is the exact time we got Sunny 9 years ago. She was out hunting ducks her first fall when she was 9 months old. John's brother Rick just recently mentioned to me he remembers the first time they took her hunting! Great memories!!!

My next chemo is scheduled for next Wednesday!!!!!

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Kim said...

I am very sorry to hear about your friend. Thank you for telling me about the puppy picking. Now I understand and look forward to meeting the future Roxey! Hope you are feeling good. I drink out of my breast cancer awareness mug and pray for you regularly.
Love you,