Monday, January 12, 2009

My Project 365 kit arrived on Friday. The above photo is the photo I snapped today on my way to work. I sort of feel like I am on that train track going on and on and on. I think this project will get me to be more creative in my picture taking. So far I have been keeping up on a daily basis. Some days I don't think I have anything to take a photo of but then something comes to me. I am enjoying doing this so far. It is a nice distraction for me!

We are expecting some snow tonight with below zero weather coming up later this week. My kids are planning on a "cold day" from school. I laughed when I heard this from my daughter but then my son came home from school and said the same thing. The teachers are talking about having a day off of school because of the cold. Honestly! They have more days off from school than I have ever seen. Keep them in school with less time off and they will get out before June. LOL

Two more days (but who is counting) until my lab work!

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Anonymous said...

My girls said the same thing this morning when I said it was brrr cold...they said, is school closed?...they've gotten spoiled with school off days I think! You looked absolutely beautiful Fri. Hanging out means a lot. Fun.