Thursday, November 27, 2008

Chemo #2 tomorrow!

I had a great Thanksgiving today! We traveled to Madison to John's sisters house to celebrate. It was a nice quiet day spent with family. This year Sandy tried brining the turkey. Omgggg, it was the best turkey we have had by far. The white meat was so moist. It was delicious!!! Of course, my favorite, the stuffing was awesome! I even had a few cocktails to celebrate the holiday.

Tomorrow is round #2 of chemo. I am a bit nervous but very optimistic this time around. I will be at the Clinical Cancer Center at 8:00 and the chemo should take about 3 hours. I have a great book I am reading, and I am also taking my new favorite TV series, Mad Men. My friend Linda got me hooked on it. It is a great show if you have never seen it.

I will post later as to how it goes! I should feel 100% great for the first 3-4 days after chemo and then will start to feel the effects. With the neupogen injections, it is our goal to keep the WBC count up and keep me out of Hotel Froedert! Keep your fingers and toes crossed, and please send some prayers my body will hold up to the chemo drugs and keep me healthy this time around!

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