Friday, October 3, 2008


I am taking the day off for some R&R. I worked part-time for 3 days this week and I am tired today. I am going to work on Natalie's dress and hopefully get a good start on it. I have a busy weekend planned so I will take it easy today.
Our dog, Sunny, has been limping around the house on and off for the past two weeks, and now is really not using her back leg very much. John had to take her to the vet this morning anyways for some shots and a prescription for Rimadyl (arthritis meds she uses when she hunts). We had her on a pretty strict diet this past year and she has lost 30 pounds. She is a lean, mean hunting machine now!!! The vet thinks the bad leg is simply due to arthritis in her hips. I am not sure if she will hunt tomorrow (opening day for ducks)as she needs to get ready for the big hunt in North Dakota in a week. Hopefully she will be better by then. It is the highlight of her year hunting with Rick and John.

Enjoy the weekend!

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