Friday, September 12, 2008

Surgery Day!!

Well, I heard from John about an hour ago. What he told me was short and sweet - and it was definitely SWEET news! Gail was done with the initial phase of surgery, (which went well), around 1:30 this afternoon and the lymph nodes tested negative. She was still in the reconstructive phase of her surgery at the time we talked but I will keep everyone updated when I hear more. I know anyone reading this will be as relieved as I am to have Gail through this part of her journey:)


Linda Muholland said...

Oh, that is such good news!!!!! Thank you for the news Cathy! I am so happy - now its time to get to work on those enchiladas for Gail's return home!

Happy Recovery!

Carol Carson said...

Gail -
I couldn't stop thinking about you today. Thanks to your Blog, those of us that love you and pray for you can have some peace of mind. I so relieved for this good news.
Love you,
Carol Carson

Anonymous said...

Yipee Gail.....that is the best news possible! we love you xoxox Rick, Debbie & Mellies

Lisa Schroeder said...

I am so glad surgery day is over and that you received such good news. I have been thinking about you all day.

Kim Armstrong said...

Thinking of you constantly! Want to come and visit you. Let me know if I can do anything. Thank you Cathy for keeping us informed and letting us know the great news!
Way to go Gail!!
Love ya,

Sue Gilmore said...

We knew it would be good news!You were on my mind all day. Hope you are being pampered and well taken care of.

Margaret Brandau said...


That is such great news! I was thinking and praying for you all day. Thanks for the update.

John and Margaret

Cindy Fredo said...

Hi Gail!

I was so happy to receive the text and phone call about your surgery and to hear that everything went well. You are such a trooper! Your positive attitude will pull you through this. Just take time to heal before you do too much (easier said than done, I'm sure).

Can't wait to 'share' a beer or glass of wine 'with' you soon. :)


rinku said...

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