Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day Seven Arizona

Sadly, this was our last day in Arizona. We had a late flight out so we just layed around the house today. I was up early and went for my daily 3 mile walk, came back, got my swim suit on and headed out to the pool for some reading. I wanted to bask in every spare minute of sun I had for I knew I was headed back to crappy Wisconsin.
Here is the gorgeous house we would be leaving soon.

The flight was uneventful, we grabbed our luggage (thank you Midwest we had no lost bags) and headed over to pick up our pup. She was beyond thrilled to see us, although she had a great time with her two sets of babysitters while we were gone. It was a long day. Why is traveling so tiring?
I so looked forward to a vacation after the last 6 months, and I enjoyed every minute I was there (except the damn car ride to Sedona). Back to reality slaps you hard in the face the day after a vacation and this was no exception. The weather was horrible, I was back and work,had no food in the house and laundry piled high. Get the picture?? My next trip is coming soon. Yep! Another trip.... and this time to Florida with my best friend Cathy at the end of June for a week. We are escaping the world of children, husbands and responsibilities of life to enjoy some time to ourselves. I can't wait! There is nothing better than a girls only vacation.

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Cathy said...

FIFTY DAYS and counting. Amen to world of no responsibilities, kids or husbands!!!