Monday, May 4, 2009

Day Six Arizona

Today we headed to Sedona again for the Pink Jeep Tour. The road to sedona heads north through the mountains and it is snakey and the speed limit is 75 and it winds through the mountains and I have a fear of heights while traveling on this snaky windy road at 75 mph.

This sign makes me feel much better!!!!! John thought he was in the Indy 500 and several times I had to tell him to PLEASE SLOW DOWN, YOU ARE MAKING ME NERVOUS!

The pink jeeps are open air, the windshields even are moveable and come down. Each jeep holds up to 9 passengers. Our guide was Cindy and she had traveled this route for the past 11 years, thank goodness.

As we got off the beaten path we headed up... you are kidding me right? That is the way we are going????? She assured us it was the ONLY way to see Sedona.
The mountains and views are breathtaking. Pictures do not even do them justice.

The tour takes about 2 hours total, traveling the rocks and making several stops along the way. Cindy was very knowledgeable about the native trees and plants and you could tell she had great fun being a guide. The trail ended and now we headed down.......and I will tell you our jeep was vertical!!!!!! I wanted to jump out to get a photo but that was not possible,so you will just have to believe me and see that Natalie is hanging on as we go down.

We ended up in downtown Sedona where we had lunch and I got a few pics of the mountains from the city.

We headed home after lunch down the windy, snakey mountainous road again. I think I will just close my eyes for the ride.

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