Thursday, April 2, 2009

I was searching for Easter candy at Pick N Save on Thursday and the candy display just happened to be set up in front of an elderly lady who was setting up her table to give out samples. I was looking at a Lindt chocolate bunny and she said "how much are those, anyways?" I said " I am not sure. I don't see a price." We searched and found a sticker below the box of bunnies that said $3.99. " I have grandchildren " she said. " I will have to buy them some of those." Normally I would have gone on with my shopping but for some reason I felt compelled to talk to this women. She proceeded to tell me about her life as she set up her little table to give out samples of applesauce. She placed the tablecloth over the table and taped it in place and set up her little stand for the day. She lost her husband 35 years ago and spent her life volunteering for the Florentine Opera and Elmbrook Hospital while always having a full time job until she retired. Within the last 5 years she has had cancer twice and spent a good deal of time sitting at home feeling sorry for herself because she had cancer, until one day she decided to do something about it. She went out and got a job again. She works 2 days a week and then she has to "rest" she said. "My kids think I am crazy" she said, but "it was the best thing I could have done for myself." We continued on our conversation talking about the price of choocolate and how she remembered buying chocolate creme eggs at Quality Candy when they were only 39 cents a piece. Now they are $1.39 she told me. She smiled and laughed and said "well now that you know my whole life story, I hope you have a wonderful day!" I have been thinking of her all day. She touched my heart. It was if I was meant to meet her today and hear her story. As I have said before you never know what other paths people have traveled. You will find them in the most unlikely places.

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