Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday I ran six miles! LOL Not really but I wish I could. My exercise regimen has been shot to hell since my cancer diagnosis. I am not using it as an excuse but I just have let it slide for the past several months. Sunday was a gorgeous sunny day and not too cold out so I decided it was time. I dusted off my Reeboks,grabbed my son's IPod, took my hair off and headed out the door. While I didn't run 6 miles or even 3 I did my usual neighborhood walk of almost 2 miles. It was nice to get some fresh air and get the legs working again. Swimsuit season is fast approaching, so that is my incentive. I need a svelte body to go along with these great new boobs that are coming soon!

I am planning on fitting in another powerwalk this morning along with grocery shopping, laundry and of course my transcription job (and maybe a little break in there to watch the Y&R.)
Happy Monday!!

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Kim said...

Tell me that is a picture of you running in the buff! You are better than me on the exercise thing!