Monday, December 29, 2008

Movies,movies, movies

As I sat in my chair last night I realized I have seen 4 movies in the past 2 weeks, two on DVD and two in the theater. Upon the recommendation of my 14 year old we rented Dark Knight and Step Brothers. I honestly can't give you a review of Dark Knight because I fell asleep about half way through (maybe even before the half way mark) and woke up at the end. According to my husband it was long and kind of boring! As for Step Brothers if you want to see a stupid funny movie and are not offended by foul language and talk about body parts this movie was pretty funny in parts, but very stupid in others (maybe why my son loved it and said it was hilarious, it is a movie for kids actually).

On Christmas Day, as tradition for the past several years, our family went to see a movie. We chose the Curious Incident of Benjamin Button. Two thumbs down from the kids "long and boring" from the daughter and "this movie sucks" from the son. John and I found it to be pretty good, although it was way too long (we felt it could have been shorter). If you are looking for an action packed keep you on your seat movie this is not for you. This is the chronological story of a man born old who becomes younger as the movies goes on. It is his life story. I would recommend it if you would like to see something different.

John and I went to see Doubt with Meryl Streep yesterday. I love Meryl Streep. I thnk she is great actress. We both loved the movie. Great acting! Again, this is not an action packed movie but the story of a nun and priest in a tightly run Catholic school. I would highly recommend this one!
*I am feeling great as of a now. I only had a one-week period after the chemo where I just felt lousy, but was back to normal after that. My next chemo is Friday morning. What a way to start the New Year. My hair has actually started to grow back. I think because of the 2 treatments that really didn't work my hair started growing and as of now what I have has not fallen out since the last chemo. Kind of weird. I am not sure if the 1/4" stubble will fall out or what. If you can believe this my hair is WHITE! I think some dye may be in order after all this is over. YIKES!
Happy Monday!

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