Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm a Grinch on this one!

One of my biggest holiday gripes is the radio! I can not stand any radio station in our area during the holiday season because they subject us to the cruddiest holiday music ever. Don't get me wrong I love Bing and I love Nat but why must we listen to "I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus", Elvis Presley singing "I'll have a blue Christmas without you" (that just makes me want to vomit) and Jingle Bell Rock when there are so many great songs by CURRENT artists. And as for WMYX playing Christmas music even before Thanksgiving, well... that is unAmerican and I refuse to listen to that station at all. I have my CD player loaded up with my own music and I will listen to Amy Grant and Manheim Steamroller to get me in the holiday spirit.
As for the radio stations... BAH HUMBUG!!!


Netherfieldmom said...

There sure is a lot of junkola--I refuse to listen to "Christmas Shoes" anytime (what does it have to do with Christmas, ick) or anything involving John Lennon, TYVM.

Anonymous said...

You are so funny...I know you might not feel like putting how you are feeling but I do like reading it because it helps to know how you are. I truly am a wimp after reading your blog---I ahve had no voice and have been sick for 5 days and I have no baking done, no Xmas cards out, tons of laundry and a dirty house....what the heck is my problem! Enjoy your Xmas music!

Anonymous said...

Well said debbie p.s. Rick is snoring thats why I am up

Gail said...

Damn him! I have the same problem on my end. I just sleep somewhere else. LOL