Thursday, November 20, 2008

Medical costs!

When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer I tried to do an internet search regarding costs of surgeries and chemotherapies to get an idea of what things cost. There is very little on the internet regarding costs. I did find some information on other blogs and also on the Komen website. It is interesting that most doctors have NO idea what things cost. My oncologist didn't even know how much he charges for an office visit. LOL I am posting this information in case someone is searching for information regarding costs for some of these tests and procedures.

Mamogram and ultrasound-bilateral breasts $225.oo
Ultrasound guided-biopsy and stereotactic biopsy-bilateral breasts $8, 800.00 not inlcuding radiologist charge
Pathology report from biopsies $1,200.00
Nuclear medicine sentinel node mapping $1,200.00 not including radiologist charge
Surgery-Bilateral mastectomy $57,000.00
Anesthesia $3,500.00 and $2,000.000 not sure why two separate charges
Plastic surgeon bill $$20,000.00
Room and board 4 days $1,780.00
Lab expenses-one day-in hospital $3,000.00 (not even sure what this was?)
Misc. surgery expense $7,800.00
Chemotherapy treatment Cytoxan/Taxotere $5,500.00 per treatment
Neupogen shots- 7 injections $1,600.00 (these are given after chemo to stimulate bone marrow generation to keep white blood cell count up)
Neulesta shot- 1 injection $3,000.000 (also used after chemo to stimulate bone marrow)
Oncology office visit $220.00
Outpatient surgery-debridement of breast tissue. One hour surgery. $13,000.00

A lot of the expenses are not itemized, and it is hard to determine exactly what the charges were for. The above is what I could figure out, and these charges are what the insurance company allowed. The original costs were higher, obviously. I have not even seen any of the charges come through for my last hospital visit for 6 days. I can only image what those will be!


Sara said...

Hi Gail,

Let me add that each Herceptin treatment cost over $6,000. I'm glad that I have good insurance and you are HER@ neg.


Sara said...

I meant HER2 neg.

Anonymous said...

You can request an itemized bill of all charges from Froedert. It ends up being interesting as to how they break the charges down. They don't like to itemize, but they have to. $57000.00 for bilateral mastectomy is they same charge as for initial shunt placement for a 6 month old. Obviously $57000.00 is a fun number for institutions to use.

Netherfieldmom said...

Interesting comparing your costs to mine--I got the Neulesta shot too--I'll check the price when it comes. Can I just say that Milk of Magnesia is the most horrendous stuff going??

What about your dog?