Saturday, November 15, 2008


My hair started falling out this past Tuesday. I was ready to shave it off on Thursday night, but I just couldn't do it! Instead I took a scissors to it. LOL I cut it about 2 inches long. I am sure my hairdresser is cringing right now. I just can't seem to leave my hair behind. I went to work on Friday with my new wig on. It was kind of like wearing a hat. The UPS lady came in.... oh no....the first person to see me in my wig. Will she notice? I became nervous. "Wow, I love your new cut and color" she said. LOLOL I love you Miss UPS. I laughed nervously and said "gee thanks, it is a wig." She was shocked. I told her I was having chemotherapy for breast cancer, and she said "well I never would have known." It was a nice ego booster that's for sure.
Today I ventured out in public for the first time with the wig on. I did some grocery shopping at Pick N'Save. It was 8 am, so I figured there wouldn't be many people there. Did you ever feel like EVERYONE is looking at you?? Thankfully there were only elderly people there, but I felt like they were looking at me saying "oh my look at that woman with the wig on." LOL I couldn't wait to get out of there I was so self conscious. I suppose it will take some getting used to.

It is a gloomy day and cold. I am craving some pumpkin bars, and I actually feel like baking, so that is on to to-do list this morning. The house is empty right now, so I am enjoying the alone time.
Enjoy the weekend!

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Jessica said...

Post a picture for those of us in Nashville :)

Love you