Tuesday, November 11, 2008

good day/bad day

I was sitting having my morning coffee trying to wake up when I ran my hands through my mop of hair and lo and behold handfuls of hair came out. I knew this day would eventually come! I knew I would not be ready for it though. Is any woman ever ready to lose their hair???? I can walk around in public and no one will know that I have breast cancer, but when you walk out in public bald you wear your diagnosis on your head. Thankfully, I had an appointment with Lisa to get my wig trimmed and fitted. Perfect timing! I met her at Small Stones at Froedert mid morning. She asked me if she should shave my head. I most definitely am not quite ready for that. She trimmed the wig and showed me how to care for it. The time spent in the morning getting ready will definitely be cut down. This might be a nice thing. I left feeling a bit better with the wig in my hands. I had two more stops to make, a quick stop at the vet to pick up some x-rays and to drop off some movies, home by 1:30, made a few insurance phone calls,and I was exhausted!! I slept for several hours and probably would have slept longer but I heard the doorbell ring. Unfortunately I just could not wake up enough to get out of bed. I am not one of those that just jumps out of bed in the morning. When I did get up, I checked the front door and found a beautiful bouquet of flowers, some still warm banana bread and some scented candles. What a nice surprise. Thank you Lisa!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is my appointment with my oncologist, and I have a list of questions for him as I head into the next chemo treatment.

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Netherfieldmom said...

I'm sorry and I am SO with you. Had my appt. w/onco yesterday and will have 1st chemo next Thursday morning. She said my hair will fall out 19 days after first treatment. I also have four rounds, but will hopefully seeing my hair back in the spring. Praying for you Gail.