Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The above photos are my amateur attempt with a macro lens on my Canon Rebel. My brother was in town for several days and he brought along some lenses for me to try.
I loved the 400 mm zoom lens, although it is huge and heavy. I will have to save some pennies but would love to have one in the future.

All is well with me......

I have......
planted some flowers
attended some baseball games
gone to lunch with friends
gone to dinner with friends
bought more flowers to replace the flowers that drowned
replanted flowers that got drowned from the rain
had my boob filled
tried on my swimsuit with my new boobs :)
pondered what to do with my wavvvyyyyy hair
updated my resume and cover letter (yes looking for a full time job other than our business)
cursed this bad weather in Wisconsin
started counting down the days until Florida
laughed hysterically at my dog laying in my lounge chair outside
and....... every day.... thanked my lucky stars that I am healthy!

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