Thursday, April 30, 2009

I have boobs!

Surgery went well, and I now have a set of boobs,although not evenly matched yet but in time they will be. Surgery took about 3 1/2 hours on Tuesday morning and I opted to come home last night after being cleared by Dr. John. For those of you who know of my journey I am not too fond of hospitals and have not had the best experience thus far, so my plan was to stay for as short a time as possible. Everyone knows you never get any rest in a hospital. Because of my "flap" surgery I was to be checked on every 2 hours,,,,, and that means round the clock. So for the first night I had someone poking me in the chest every two hours. I felt well enough and my pain was under control to head home and spend the night in my recliner on Wednesday.

My care in the hospital was wonderful! I loved all my little nurses. They were a young group of ladies who are very dedicated to the nursing profession and worked very hard for their patients. They took great care of me.

Now Dr. John on the other hand is AMAZING! I was pleasantly shocked when I took a peek under my gown after surgery and saw what he had done. Really, I can not tell you what he can do considering what he had to work with on me. And if I think it looks good now after one day of surgery it can only look better in the weeks to come. He truly has a gift for plastic surgery!!!

The one thing I was not expecting from this surgery is the pain. I had a thoracic spinal when I had my mastectomy and was pretty much numb from the neck to waist my whole hospital stay. Unfortunately I did not have that this time. Besides being cut in the front I also was cut in the back to get the skin graft and I have been in pain, I won't lie. Morphine in the hospital did not seem to do much so I then tried oral Vicodin and that seems to help. I am able to get around the house pretty well, but getting up and down is a bit difficult. I currently have 4 drains coming out of my side and back, hopefully 2 of those will come out on Monday when I go to see him.
They actually aren't as bad as the other drains I had from the first surgery, as these are not near my armpit this time and seem to stay out of the way.

So for now, I am doing pretty much nothing but resting! (well I did do a few loads of wash) Thankfully Roxie has been a little dream today and is not getting into too much trouble.

I will continue my Arizona trip tomorrow and give you an update on my recovery.

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