Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Long overdue blog post

Hello! I haven't been blogging lately. Between puppy parenting,working and getting back into daily life routines, I just have not had time. My life is nothing but boring every day affairs. Sleep, work, potty train, make dinner, do wash, clean up dog pee, watch American Idol. LOL

To update you on a few things......
Roxy the puppy is doing really well. She is sleeping through the night since day one. There was even a Sunday she let us sleep until 8 am. Pure Heaven! The potty training on the other hand is not the best. She is just not getting it! I scrubbed the kitchen floor the other day. That alone was hard enough. Try to clean the floor with a mop while a dog is attacking the pole of your mop and dancing around on the floor. It was cheap entertainment for the dog but took me twice as long to do the floor as it normally does. I left the kitchen to put the mop away and in that 30 second time frame the dog crapped on the floor and proceeded to dance in it and then run around the kitchen. Nice!!!!! I knew at that point we were not making any headway on the potty training and we might be in for a long haul.

This dog loves to retrieve! I found this great little pheasant that she loves to retrieve. She has boundless energy and will always bring something back that is thrown.

The dog and the cat do not like each other. I should rephrase that and say the cat does not like the dog. The dog actually is quite confused as to what exactly the cat is. She is intrigued by the cat and would like to become friends but the cat would rather hiss and run away at this point. It took Macie about a year to get used to Sunny. This too may be a long haul

Who could resist a face like this??

As for me....
I am starting Tamoxifen this week, my eyelashes are growing back (I can now use mascara again. Yippeee!) and my hair is nonexistent. But I am not complaining! Life is good!


Anonymous said...

I am glad your life is getting back to a new normal for you. Puppy training is fun is it not? We tried the "only reward and praise what is good" idea on Alabama. This worked to a point, she knows what is good. BUT, she did not know what was bad. Now we are scolding her for her bad behavior and making great progress in the rewarding and scolding teaching pattern. This has been going on two weeks. She has not had an accident since. She is fun and loving and still wants to meet Roxy and play with something more her size. Lets get together soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gail,
It sounds like "life" is getting back to normal. Roxy is sooooo cute. Wish your daughter good luck at her swim meets this week. Talk to you soon.