Thursday, March 19, 2009

Elephant Ear Washer

After looking at the title of this blog post you must think I am losing it. An elephant ear washer you say. What the heck is that? After a trip to the walk-in clinic today I learned something new. No, it was not me who needed the services of the walk-in clinic. It was my son. For several days he has been complaining his ear is plugged and he can't hear out of it. We tried the over the counter ear wax removal drops but to no avail. They did not help and he is so annoyed he can not hear. I myself have had this problem once before and I know how annoying it is to have that plugged feeling in your ear. So off we trotted to the walk-in clinic today to hopefully clear up his ear problem. After determining he had a huge amount of wax build up his ears ("he has tiny ear canals" they said, "makes him prone to wax build up") the nurse came in to flush them out. The Elephant Ear Washer is this spray bottle gadget that flushes water into your ear canal to loosen wax. I had this done to one of my ears a few years ago. The feeling of the water being "sprayed" into your ear is quite strange, but is not painful. We left with two clean ears and a prescription for some antibiotic drops (ear infection on one side). "Come back in 2-3 weeks if you need another flush" they said (one of his ears still had a some wax in it they could not get out) I wondered if I could buy this gadget on the internet and of course you can (can't you buy everything on the internet). I may invest in this $30 ear washer and save myself a $200 visit to the walk in clinic if it happens again.


Anonymous said...

You may also want to try an "ear candle". It is made of bees wax and you stick it in his ear, light the top of it while you hold it and it "sucks" the wax right out. Sounds wierd, but I am so not kidding it works like a charm. We get ours at a health food store. They are 2 for 5.00. My daughter too has very small ear canals and it pulls it out amazingly! Margaret in Oregon

David said...

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