Sunday, January 4, 2009


There is something about January every year that makes me start to reorganize and throw out. I think it starts with putting the Christmas decorations back up in the attic. We have lived in our house for 14 years so you can imagine how much "stuff" we have collected in that time. Today I spent part of the day in the attic, reorganizing and throwing out. Some parts of the attic have not been touched in years, while other "stuff" has been sorted through from time to time. Several things brought a smile to my face...... the little white gloves that Natalie wore when she made her first communion..... the little paper mache mask that Billy made when he was in grade school..... ice skates that were practically brand new that Natalie "had to have"......Christmas sketches that Billy made when he was little (he went through a phase where he liked to draw)....the red rocking horse that Aunt Sandy bought for Natalie when she was very little....the Brio train table that Grandpa Bill made for Billy to put his train track on..... matching rocking chairs with the kids names on them. Amidst the empty boxes and junk there were lots of memories and lots of "stuff" that was just too important to part with. I think I will keep this "stuff" for many years. If it brings a smile to your face it is just too important to part with.

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